Rory Scovel - Seven Grandmothers

Rory Scovel Season 1, Ep 1 05/11/2012 Views: 24,673

Rory Scovel shares some easy tips for stealing old people who will bake him cookies. (3:51)

steal an old person?

Oh, I guess everyone herehas their grandparents.

Some of us don't;we got to replace ours, okay?

Here's a tip:

Old people in wheelchairs...

rarely turn aroundto see who's pushing 'em.

You're at the store,you see a wheelchair...

No one's stopping you.

"Hey, where you goingwith that old person?"

That's never been said. That'sthe first time that's been said.

"Hey, where you goingwith those old people?!"

No one's asking that.No one cares.

When old people are around,everybody's thought is,

"Hey, (murmurs): get theseold people out of there.

Get them out of here."Okay, I'll help.

Don't say anything.

You get out to the parking lot--"That's not our car."

Get in!

You're my grandmother now.

Folks, find the positive.

I have seven grandmothersright now.

You know how great that is?

Seven grandmothers?

I love the one grandmother;her love is so strong.

Try seven!

I'm leaving in the morning,make an announcement.

"Hey, I'll be home at 3:00!

"Everybody bakes cookies!

Everybody. We'll seewho did the best."

I come home at 3:00-- "Home!

"Let's do it!

Grandmother number one."

"Was that raisins?What was that?"

"Hey, hey...

"act like you want it.

"Grandmother number two!

"Ooh, is thatmint chocolate chip?

Good for you."

"Mmm! (chuckles) Mmm!


"Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!


(giggling continues)


"Mmm-mmm! Mmm-mmm.

"We have a winner!

"Other five, no need to test.

"Get out of here. Do a lap.

Guess who gets to watchan hour of Nancy Grace tonight?"