Barry Rothbart - Hardest Part of Living With a Girl

Barry Rothbart Season 4, Ep 4 09/05/2015 Views: 3,578

Barry Rothbart talks about the things he's learned about himself and the habits he's had to change since he moved in with his girlfriend. (1:20)

You know, I just moved inwith my girlfriend, you know.

So now she-she brings upweird things I do in my sleep.

You know, she's like, "Do youknow that you scream sometimes?

Do you know that you just putyour arm like this?"

She said, at some point,

I farted and told itto shut up in my sleep.

I went... (puffs)Shut up!

What am I supposedto do with that?

Not do it anymore?

I'm a grown man!

I'll tell you the hardest thing,and you guys know this--

guys, you know this--

hardest thing when you livewith a girl is compromises.

Like, you know this.

When you're a guy,the hardest thing not to do

is (bleep) on yourselfand just leave it there.

You know, you're a guy.

You want to just come home,masturbate,

and just leave it thereand go to bed.

You're tired, you know?

But then she'll come homeand think that someone broke in

and (bleep) on her boyfriend.

She'd be like, "He would neverdo that to himself.

"He's not crazy.

Someone broke in and did that."

And then, of course,you have to a-agree.

You have to be like,

"Yes, somebody broke inand (bleep) on me."

Then you have to goto the police department,

file a report.

The police are lookingfor the mystery (bleep).