Kyle Kinane - Bad/Good News

Riggle, Dye, Huck, Graddick, Sullivan, Kinane, Winfield Season 4, Ep 0403 10/30/2009 Views: 8,085

Kyle Kinane has been waking up naked outside every few weeks. (1:30)

Touch it.

You guys know what that's from?

Lifting spirits.


You trust me now, you trust me?


Bad news, New York.

Turns out that just becauseI've been waking up naked

outside every few weeks,

doesn't mean that thenight before I was a werewolf.


I know.

No, you hope and dreamfor stuff sometimes,

and it just doesn't work out.

I tell my friends,"Well, it makes perfect sense,

"what with all the Coors LightsI've been drinking.

"Those must bethe Silver Bullets

"that were killing the beast,

rendering me a human being,come daybreak."

"That's a, that's a tired excuseat best, Kyle."

That's what they tell me.

Oh, God.


Good news, New York.

Looks like I don't haveto go to bed anymore

'cause all my dreamsare coming true in the daytime.