Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer - Audience Coordinators - Uncensored

The One with Betrayal Season 1, Ep 6 09/04/2014 Views: 326

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer storm The Meltdown stage to coach the audience and demonstrate appropriate reactions to jokes. (1:57)

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello.Hello.

Okay, cut! Right there!Right there!

That's a great place to cut now.

What?Let's just stop downright there.

Let's go ahead and stop downright there.

Great show so far, guys.What?

Great job.Great show so far.

Give it up!Take a quick break!

Great show, great show so far.We got someone.

Give it up for your host.Great job.

Great job!Awesome, guys... the best!

Kumail and Jonah... hey, guys,my name's Jerry, this is Jerry.

We're your audiencecoordinators tonight.

And now we have been watchingyou guys backstage.

I know you've been watchingthese guys, but we've beenwatching you.

And...Not so good.

Not so good.Not so good.

Because we need biggerreactions.

This is for television. I don'tknow if the 19 or 20 cameras...

have led you to believe thatthis is not just a live show.

People are gonna watchthis on what?

On their TV. Boom.

So, the way this is gonna workis, we're gonna lead you throughsome reactions, okay?

Just to make it look fun.

We need all kinds of funreactions.Because look at this.

Uh, do I want to watchEveryone Loves Raymondif everyone's like this?

No!No, I don't-- no!

Okay, now we just need somelaughs like you're in lineat Starbucks...

Yeah.And someone farts.

Someone farts.Yeah, that's a great--

Great, great, great.

Watch yourselves on video,watch--

Look how stupid you look.Look how stupid--Look at that guy.

Look at this guy. Look at thisguy. Look at this piece of shit.Great job.

Look at this piece of shitright here.Hold on one second.

Hold on one second.Oh, yeah.

What is it?Okay.

No, he sucks. This guy sucks.Got it, he's horrible.

The guy sucks.Yeah.

This guy sucks? Hold on.They want you to takeoff your glasses.

Take off your glasses, sir.Yeah, thank you so much.Take off your glasses.

That's good.We gotta young it down.Hold on, hold on, hold on.

What? Put it back on. Yeah,that's better, that'smuch much better.

Yeah, they like that,they like that.

They want to smart it up,they want to smart it up.

No, you don't want it.You don't want it.This guy?

Sorry, yeah.What's your deal?Yeah, that's good.

You're not having a good time?What's your name?

No? You're not having fun?