Nowhere to Run - Uncensored

End of Days Season 1, Ep 8 11/16/2016 Views: 1,111

With all of Chamberlain Heights in the midst of an internet-less panic, the guys struggle to find a safe place to hide out. (0:57)

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- Oh, shit!- Hands up, don't shoot!

- Get the fuck out.

Wait, just the white boy.

You two dark ones can stay.

- Aight, let's dip, y'all.

- Mmm, cocoa butter.That takes me back.

[dramatic music]

- Aw, hell, no.

- And barrel roll.

Hands up, assholes.

- Not you, Milton.You're fine.

- Don't worry, fellas.I got this.

- What are you boys doingin this neighborhood, huh?

- Wouldn't be looting,would you?

- Nice!


- Sir, we were just--

- Hey, did I tell you to talk?

- You might wantto watch that lip, son.

It sounds aggressive,

and I'm starting to fearfor my life right now.

- You only stopped us'cause we black,

you dirty-ass pigs.

I got it all on tape.

- Look, guns!

- Get over here![indistinct shouting]

- No, no, not my Taser.

This doesn't feel good.

No, no, the other shoehas dropped.

- Worldstar!

- Come on, Milk.