Setting the Stage for a Revolution - Uncensored

The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2014 Views: 1,951

Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jimmy Fallon and Judd Apatow discuss the influence that the Improv has had on their lives. (2:14)

in the heart of New York City'stheater district.

No one knew it then,but this little coffee house

was setting the stage

for a revolutionin stand-up comedy.

I'm Adam Sandlerand this is the story

of the very first comedy club,The Improvisation,

as told by the comics wholived it and shaped it.

The Improv sortof set the standard

for the comedybusiness, period.

The Improv is whereyou make the comedy.

Then you goand distribute it out here

and out thereand out there.

And then I would,every night, at The Improv,

eat a double fettuccini alfredoat 1:30 in the morning.

So when I drop deadof a heart attack,

I'm going to sayit right here.

It's that--it's thatclump from The Improv.

It's almost intimidatingjust to look at the stage.

'Cause it's the brick wall.

The guy came upto me one time and he said,

"You know, when yougo back to New York,

you should check out a clubcalled The Improvisation."

And I said,"What is that?"

And he said, "Oh, that'swhere Richard Pryor started."

And he didn't have to sayanother word after that.

See white folksare the only people

that try to arguewith a mugger.

Why do you wannado this, fella?

I mean, it's gonnaf_ó_ up your life, guy.

Yeah, m_ó_ó_ó_ó_ó_?

He elevated comedyto a different level

by bringingin improvisational skills,

acting skills.

He was ableto animate things

that normally would'vejust been a verbal punch line.

He created a world.

You know why that is,don't you, boy?

'Cause you don't know howto deal with the white man.

That's your problem.

You see, I almost spilledthat s_ó_, didn't I?

Took the top off,then hit the m_ó_ó_ó_ó_ó_.

You got me all upset, boy.

Well, why n_ó_ó, why didn'tyou tell me I had the top off?

You saw me pickup the bottle.

So things that wouldlater go on to be,

like his classic bits, he'sjust playing around with onstage

at The Improv and it waspretty incredible to watch.