Indoor Go-Karting

Season 1 , Ep 105 06/08/12 Views: 5,619

Garfunkel and Oates are like a delicate flower and an unshucked ear of corn. (1:59)

So one day Riki and I decidedto go indoor go-karting.

And I grew upriding go-karts,

but Riki hadnever been before,

and so I'm zipping aroundthe track really fast,

and I look over at Riki,and she's driving so slow.

And then allof a sudden,

she stops in the middleof the track.

And I was, like,"What the heck?"

Like, what is going on?"

And then I found outwhat was happening.

Here's what happened.

Um, basically,I was sitting on

a big, giant vibrating piece ofmetal at a forward-tilted angle.

And, yeah.

And the faster I went,the more it vibrated.

And then I was just,like, "Uh-oh."

So I decided to goreally, really slow.

But then I see Katezipping by me,

and for some reasonI thought,

"Well, if she can go fast,I can go fast,"

which I don't know whyI assumed we had

the same vaginalsensitivity.

We don't.

I am a delicate flower.(chuckles)

And Kate is an unshuckedear of corn.

(cheering and applause)


Yeah, I said it.

Get in line, boys.

So, anyway... (laughs)

I just thought if she cango fast, I can go fast.

And I sped up,and then it was, like,"Nope, no, I can't."

And so I just pulled overand hung my head in shame

for the rest of our time.

An unshucked ear of corn, huh?Yeah. (laughs)

Uh, well, you know,

the funniest partis you thought

that we knewwhat was happening.

Like, if you gave mea hundred guesses,

I would not have guessedthat that is what was going on.

And also, if that happened

to everybody who went ona go-kart,

I think go-karting would bea lot more popular.