Bender Rises

  • Season 3 , Ep 13
  • 04/15/2001
  • Views: 8,982

Fry, Leela, Amy and Dr. Zoidberg join up with Bender in San Francisco and see him undergo a "miraculous" transformation. (1:56)

BENDER: All right.

"Hands in the air"rhymes with "just don't care."

And... finished.

( sniffing )

Eck, smells somethingdied in the wall.


Mind if wecrash here tonight?

The colors in the vanare keeping us awake.

All right.

But hands off the mini bar.

Wow, I forgot about TV.

Living free on the road,

you realize how much betterlife is without it.

Well, let's see what's on.

ANNOUNCER:Tuesday, Golden Gate Park...

... will strumyour brains out at:


And special guest Bender!

A portion of the proceedsmight go to help broken robots.

Yeah!Hooray, robots.

Bender,you're famous.


This coming togetherof superstars

really meansa lot to you,doesn't it, Bender?


Helping mydefective brothers

is the first thingI've ever cared about

even the slightest bit.

( sobbing ):You know, whenI first got broken,

I thoughtmy life was over.

But look at me now.

I got fame, money, groupies,

and it's all thanks to beingcompletely immobilized.

That's why I'll be proud

to go up on stage tomorrowand say

"Look at me, world.

I am a broken robot."

Bender, you can move!

You're cured!

Oh, crap!

It's a miracle.