Nate Bargatze - I Don't Believe in Science

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 3,086

Nate Bargatze doesn't understand science, so he chooses to reject it entirely. (1:16)

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I don't believe in science,you know?

That's just--I don't understand it,

so it's easiernot to believe in it as a whole.

That gets youout of a lot of arguments.

If you're just like,"I don't believe in science,"

they're like, "All right,do you need help or..."

Scientistscould be making stuff up.

That's a great job to haveif you want to make stuff up,

'cause no one--no one can challenge you.

You know?No one, like...

Nobody'll say anything.

Like, they don't even getin trouble if they mess up.

Like, the Earthwas 2 billion years old.

Then they're like,"Now it's 4 billion years old."

It's like,"All right, like,

how many people got firedafter that?"

And they're like, "Nobody."

You're like, "Really?Y'all just--nothing?

'Cause y'all were way off."

I read beetlesare 320 million years old.

It's like, "Are they?

"Or you just know that I don'tknow how to figure that out?

'Cause you could be doing that,you know?"

Like, I feel like that'syour first job as a scientist.

Like, when you go,they would just probably do

the beetles thing.

They're just like,"Go see how old beetles are."

Like when you're a new scientistand then you're--

You know, you don't think--the guys are just--

Those guys are, like,back there, like,

"Just write--write 320 million.

"Like, it doesn't matter.

Like, who's even gonna check,you know?"

It's like,"No one's gonna question us.

We can change itat any point."