Elmer Plans a Reunion

Patton Oswalt & Kathy Griffin Season 2, Ep 21 11/18/2003 Views: 23,328

Elmer reminisces about a prostitute he had sex with in 1964 and plans an afternoon outing for himself and his friends. (3:10)

( phone rings )

>> Good afternoon.

This is Bryanna.

>> Hi there, darling.

>> Hello.

>> I'm calling because I left

something at your place.

>> What'd you leave?

>> My heart.

>> You left your heart?

>> I met a girl named Ruthie in


And I was looking for her.

>> She's not here.

>> Ah.

I'm looking to bring some of my

friends over there for a


>> Okay.

>> Almost 40 years ago...

>> Very nice.

>> ...we congregated there, and

we made sweet love to a bevy of


>> Wonderful.

>> Ruth was known as "Poop

Chute" Ruth.

>> Was she?

>> Yeah, because she liked it in

the bottom.

>> Okay.

>> If you know what I mean.

She gave me crabs.

>> Well, she's not here, but

there are a bunch of girls down

here still, if you want to come


>> Oh, yeah?

>> Yeah.

>> I like black girls.

>> I have that, too.

>> All right.

I'll get my friends and my

brother, Charlie, and we'll come

down there this weekend.

>> Great.

>> Saturday night.

>> Sounds good.

>> Around 4:30 in the afternoon,

'cause we go to bed early.

>> Okay.

>> And we'll make love to some

black girls in the poop chute.

>> There you go.

>> Just like in the old days.

>> Okay.

>> What's your name, darling?

>> Bryanna.

>> Oh, I'd like to set something

up with you there.

>> Actually, unfortunately, I

just work in the office,


I'm sorry.

>> I think I could turn you


>> I don't know about that, but

you come down and visit our

girls, okay?

>> I haven't had a de-rection

in the last 25 years.

>> Aw, you'll have no problems

here, okay?

>> My friend, Tommy, gave me

some Viagra, and I'm going to

take one or two of those things


And I'm hoping to have a heart


>> Would you stop, silly?

>> That's how I want to go.

>> Well, listen, I've got to go,

but you make sure you come down.

>> Where are you located at?

>> You go down Highway 50 about

six miles from 395.

>> It's only $3.95?

Does that include the golden


>> I'm sorry?

>> My brother, Charlie, likes to

get urinated on.

>> Okay, well, I'm sure you can

probably set that up with one of

the girls.

>> That sounds beautiful.

You're a sweetheart, darling.

>> Well, listen, darling, I got

to go, but you come down here

and see the girls.

>> I'm coming down.

I'll see you on Saturday.

>> Wonderful.

>> I'll give it to you right up

the poop chute.

>> ( chuckling ): You're silly.

All right, you have a nice day


>> I love you, darling.

>> Okay.

>> Bye-bye.

>> Bye-bye.

( dog panting )

( barks )

( ripping )

( yelping )