This Is My Fleem

T.: The Terrestrial Season 7, Ep 16 06/26/2013 Views: 8,476

Fry tells Jrrr that he is homesick, and back on Earth, Bender tries to trick Leela into thinking that Fry is safely at home. (1:45)

You use it to peel the skinoff your enemies

layer by layertill they die or whatever.

Neat! Hey, you knowwho would love fleaming stuff?

My friend Bender,

who I'll never see again.

Aw, you're homesick,aren't you, T.?

Mmm-hm. I miss Earth,and I'm still hungry.

Do you have anymore of that candy?

No,but I have a toy Earth.


I didn't abandon you!

You wandered off!

Stop judging me, Fry-bed!


Oh, it's just not the same

without the muffled screams.

If only I could hearyour voice again.


(click, beep)

Hello, it's me, Fry!

I'm not here right now,

'cause we're out getting drunkat the Olive Garden.

So just leave a message

for myself or Benderafter the tone.

See you!

(beeps, clicks)



LEELA:Fry? Are you home?

We're supposed to have a date atthe adults-only pancake house.

Of course he's hereand not on another planet!

(nervous groaning)


In fact, he's about totalk to you right now.

Oh, good.(clicks)

Hello, it's me, Fry.

I'm... drunk... right now.

So just leave.


I love you.

Olive... you.


(evil chuckle)