Josh Johnson - A City Run By Children

The Young Man and the Pig Season 3, Ep 5 03/31/2016 Views: 173

Josh Johnson realizes what makes Austin, Texas, unique and shares a fun game he likes to play when he's in the city. (0:39)

is Austin, Texas.

Austin is amazing, right?

Because if you've never been--

let me explain what Austin isto you real quick.

Austin is like a city

if a city was run by children.

If a city was run by barefoot,

pot-smoking,acoustic guitar-playing,

Liberal Arts-getting children,

that would be Austin.

woman: Yeah!

- I have this gameI love playing.

If you're ever in Austin,you should play it too.

It's called "Homelessor art history professor?"


Thing is, you're never wrong.You're never wrong.

It's just a homelessart history professor.

Rent is ridiculous down there.

I love traveling.