Nerds, Parties and Winter - Uncensored

12/27/2016 Views: 38

Mike Lawrence debunks the myth that 2016 was an all-around bad year, shares his controversial feelings about parties and takes a pro-winter stance. (1:44)

2016 was a pretty great year fornerds.

We had the awesomeness ofDeadpool, Stranger Things,

a Spiderman on screen thatsactually funny and fun,

and sure, 2016 had some roughparts.

Dead celebrities, Dr. Evil inThe White House without the fun

or cat, exploding phones andhaving to pretend to like the

Olympics again made 2016 sad andscary,

but Deadpool! It all getsredeemed by Deadpool.

Now if we can just dispose ofthat guy in The White House

as if he was a chimichanga.

Every single goddamn party whenyou're an adult involvesalcohol.

Either your drunk or realizinghow much you hate all your

drunk friends and then someonecomes in and says

"Let's get this party reallystarted" and another person says

"Ya'll ready for this?" and thensomeone else brings in weed or

coke or always both and you do abunch of drugs, pass out, and

wake up to suddenly see your 37without much to show for it.

And that is way less fun thanbumber cars, bouncey houses,

and Chuck E. Cheese.

Winter is great! It's a resetbutton. The intermission to a

play you were dragged intoseeing by your parents

known as Life.

It's the time to get your shittogether before you have to show

off your arms and legs again.

The worst places in America arethe muggy swamps and dry deserts

that give you no time to reflector rethink your shitty lifechoices

Thats why all the weird murdersand republican victories

happen in Florida.

You'd think twice about eatingsomeones face if it was just

a bit to chilly outside.