Moving to Canada

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 11/09/2016 Views: 239

Inspired by Canadian-bound American Twitter users, Paul F. Tompkins, Whitney Cummings and Ron Funches dream of heading over the border after Election Day. (0:36)

Right now on Twitter, Facebook,

the top trending item is Canada.Everyone's talking about

moving to "Canadia."Comedians, what are... uh,

what are you gonna dowhen you move to Canada?

-What are you gonna do? Uh,Paul. -If I play my cards right,

freeze to death.

I-I feel that's not gonnabe a problem. Points.

Uh, Whitney Cummings.

I'm gonna, uh,visit John Candy's grave

-and then kill myself.-Okay, all right.

You get points for that.

They got Tim Horton's up there,though. The coffee's real good.

Uh... Ron Funches.

Uh, the same thing I doin America:

smoke hella weedand eat Canadian bacon.