Roast Battle II: New York Regionals - Yamaneika Saunders vs. J.P. McDade - Exclusive

Roast Battle II: New York Regionals Season 2, Ep 1 01/01/2017 Views: 5,392

Yamaneika Saunders burns J.P. McDade with a joke about his hometown of Newtown, Conn., but he responds with a deep cut of his own. (1:36)

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- I love you,

this is like Black and the Beanstalk.

This is fun.


Let's roast.

- So Comedy Central has screwed me again.

They gave me another boring white guy to roast.

I had to google him.

Google told me to go to Bing.

Bing told me to go to Ask Jeeves.

Ask Jeeves said, "I don't know who this nigga is."


- I wanna say what an honor it is for me

to be here with some icons of comedy.

I mean, Jay Pharaoh, Jim Norton.

Cedric the Entertainer.


- JP is from Newtown, Connecticut,

where the Sandy Hook tragedy happened.

And the worst thing thathappened to that town,

is that he wasn't seven years old

at the time of the shooting.



Shot yo ass.

- Okay, okay, thankyou, fat thighs matter.

- [Voiceover] Oh shit.

Hey, keep it going for JP McDade

and Yamaneika Saunders.

- [Voiceover] Super funny, and Yamaneika,

you, in my opinion, became a star tonight.

You fucking killed it.

- Thank you.

- I have to say, both really great.

Yamaneika, that Sandy Hook jokewas brutal and really great.

And great firing back.

But I had to go with JP.

You're kind of creepy and suburban,

but you're really funny.

- I gotta give it to JP on the cleverness.

The fucking jokes were amazing, JP.

- You're both, this is by a cunt hair,

I have to give it to you.

I say vote for the black chick.

I forgot your name.

- Yamaneika, yeah you motherfucker.


- Yamaneika.