Between the Scenes - Trump's Foreign Policy Knowhow

12/15/2016 Views: 24,012

Trevor has some doubts about Donald Trump's ability to govern without intelligence briefings. (1:24)

- Donald Trump.

Can you imagine him talking to his Secretary of State?

And this is like, "Uh, Mr. Trump,

we were at Kazakhstan and..."

"Who's Stan?

Stan who?"


"Stan Who?"


I mean, no, I'm sorry.

This is the same guy who says

he refuses intelligencebriefings because

"I'm, like, really smart."

Yo, let me tell you something.

Let me tell you something.

If there's a sentence where you should not

pause or hesitate or include the word like,

it's in a sentence explaining to us how smart you are.


That is the one time where you just gotta be clear.

"I don't need intelligence briefings because I'm smart."

You can't go "I don't need intelligence briefings

because I'm, like, smart."


"I'm, like, a really smart guy."


And Mike Pence is like that kid in school

that does your homework for you.

'Cause Mike Pence is at all the briefings

and he's just there, like, "I'll do it.

It's fine.

I'll do it."

I bet you Mike Pence knows how to

forge Donald Trump's signature.

He's like, "Yeah, I'll do it for him.

I'll just, you know, I'll do it."

And Donald Trump's gonna come,

"I did this great thingfor the country of Stan.

Somebody hit all the keys and then wrote Stan.

I don't know what that is."