Extended - #HashtagWars - #DrunkerHistory

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Drunk History's Derek Waters, Mae Whitman and Rich Fulcher put a boozy twist on history's most iconic narratives. (1:25)

And now it's time for tonight's


>> Holy shit.


>> HARDWICK: Well, since we're

here tonight with the brilliant

folks from Drunk History, who

get drunk and teach history, we

felt that we should take a

moment to remember the towering

figures who got drunk and made


For example, we all know that

Winston Churchill beat the shit

out of the Nazis, but did you

know it was because the Nazis

bumped into him at a bar and

said his cigar made him look


Look at that. There he is.

There's even a, there's even a

meme of this, uh, adorable drunk

little baby.

So, comedians, in honor of the

contribution of drunks in our

past, tonight's hashtag is


Examples might be: Long Island

Iced Tea Party.

Or Madam Hangover Curie.

I'm gonna put 60 seconds on the


And begin.


>> Tweet a picture of your


>> HARDWICK: Yes, points!

Rich Fulcher.

>> Abraham Drinkin.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

Mae Whitman.

>> Uh, Last Call of the


>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

Derek Waters.

>> Wine-11. Always forget.

>> HARDWICK: Points.



>> Taking Jell-O shots off her

grassy knoll.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.


>> Uh, my personal hero, Boozin'

B. Anthony.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

Rich Fulcher.

>> Judge Mojito in the O.J.


>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

Judge Mojita. Very good.

Derek Waters.

>> Harriet Sleeping in my


>> HARDWICK: Yeah, points.