Exclusive - Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored

Road to Roast Battle Season 1, Ep 1 07/24/2016 Views: 8,682

In Los Angeles, Earl Skakel battles against Jesse Joyce, Keith Carey and Joe Dosch insult each other, Sarah Tiana slams George Perez, and Alex Hooper roasts Guy Branum. (1:58)

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- This is The Belly Room, and this is where it all started.

- It's a very special place,

it's sort of a comics-only vibe.

- I think I forgot my jokes, fuck.

- So, will they, don't worry.

- Jessie's a...

- Fucking patience.

- Let me take a shit on that paper,

so there's something funny on it.


- When a joke bombs,

it's like falling backwards through a window.

- You look like the hottest waitress

in the North Dakota Denny's.

- But when a joke kills up here in the Belly Room,

it's thunder.

- I was excited when I heard Joe did drag,

until I realized it wasn't behind a pickup truck.


I basically want to commit hate crimes

that I get a trophy for.

- What's the podcast called, WTF, Who the Fuck?

- No, it's WTF, Who's this Faggot.

- Oh!


- There's a thing called The Wave.

They're like a gorilla sketch team, it's insane.

- [Voiceover] Yeah!

- This should be really good.

- That's the kind of theatrics one does

when they don't write jokes.

- Oh!

- You only roast the ones you love, and

I mean, I don't love him.

- Can you scoot over bro, thank you.

- Because he's Mexican,but I like him.

George is no stranger to stereotypes,

because he's stolen Sonys, Samsungs, JVCs,

pretty much any stereotype you can get out of a Honda.

- It's the loveliest kind of joke, because it's personal,

because a good roast joke requires knowing you.

- You know what Guy,you wish you had my hair

because guys, when they ride you,

have to grab onto your neck fat.

(audience groaning)

- [Voiceover] It works for us.

- Some of these comics have nothing to lose, and

everything to gain by killing in the roast battle.


- [Voiceover] I like it, I like it.