Uncensored - Behind the Scenes - Sean O'Connor - Most Awkward Person in the Entire World

Sean O'Connor Season 2, Ep 6 05/17/2013 Views: 4,416

Sean O'Connor recalls the first corny joke he ever told onstage, reveals why he changed his comedy from being awkward and dirty and remembers a terrible heckler. (2:16)

EMCEE: Ladies andgentlemen, Sean O'Connor!

-Hey, everybody.


Well, this is my energy.

Let's get used to it.

My pre-show rituals are Ijust pace back and forth,

I smoke like athousand cigarettes,

and sometimes I don'tgo to the shows.

Trust me, his interviewsare way better.

Did you guys know a bird isthe only animal you can throw,

and you're helping it?

I remember the first jokeI ever told on stage.

It was at the Stress Factoryin New Brunswick, New Jersey,

and I told a joke about how weremember the guy who invented

Windows, Bill Gates,but why don't we

remember the guywho invented doors?


No one?

No one?

No one?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no?

It-- it went aswell as you could

imagine the worstjoke ever going.

You are on, Sean.

I didn't do well my entirefirst year of comedy.

Someone told me to not doany of the jokes I was doing.

Like, he watchedme do five minutes

and he's like, hey, get rid ofall of that and be yourself.

Because I started inNew Jersey, and everyone

there is, like, very,like, edgy and dirty,

and then I'm the most awkwardperson in the entire world.

So I was just beingawkward and dirty,

which is like theworst combination.

And he told me to quit.

I'm like, I know whatyou mean-- not quit.

Gets worse.


The worst heckler I everhad, I was in Atlanta

and I was doing great.

But there was one guy inthe front row who hated me.

What the fuck is your problem?

And then I won somehow,like I won to the point

where everyone was,like, cheering.

And he got up on thestage, and I'm like,

"I am about to getpunched in the face

just because I couldn'tshut my mouth."

And he handed me $20.

But he's the worst.

When I get back, we're goingto have a 20-minute talk

about boundaries, so stay tight!

If my parents reviewed mystand-up, they'd be like,

"I am so proud of him.

He is just a sweet boy goingup there doing sweet things."

-What are you gonna dowith all your pussy?

I don't know, probably eat it.

"I closed my ears during mostof it, but he's a sweet boy."

-Thank you guys.

I'm Sean O'Connor.

Have a good night.

[music playing]