Jay Larson - Good Time

Jay Larson Season 15, Ep 15 03/11/2011 Views: 15,421

Jay Larson speculates on how one upset stranger shows displeasure with other people. (1:16)

and I bumpedinto a guy.

And, uh, I mayhave been texting.

[audience laughing]

And I turned to apologizeand the guy goes,

"Go fly a kite,buddy!"

I had no idea howto respond to that.

[audience laughing]

Because clearly hewas upset with me,

yet he was wishing a funactivity upon me.

[audience laughing]

Like, I didn't know ifI should invite him.

Like, grab some lemonade--We'll make a day of it.

[audience laughing]

Like, when have you not hada good time flying kite?

When was that a bad timeand wished that on someone

you were upsetwith, you know?

How do you respond?

Like, "Go flya kite, buddy!"


[audience laughing]

That's a good time--That is a good time.

[cheers and applause]

I was wondering.

I'm like how else doesthis guy show his displeasure

with people?

You know what I mean-- Hegets cut off on the freeway.

He's like, "hey!

"Go tickle a baby!

"Go tickle a baby!"

[audience laughing]

'Cause that, too,is a good time.

And if you didn'tlaugh at that joke,

it's 'cause you'redead inside.

[audience laughing]