Jessi Klein - Thanks, Cosmo

Jessi Klein Season 15, Ep 13 03/04/2011 Views: 42,498

Jessi Klein reveals her bad habit of scanning the covers of really crappy women's magazines. (1:13)

uh, whereI like to read

really crappytabloid magazines.

Like reallybad ones.

Like, my favorite oneis "Cosmo Magazine."

Do any of the ladieshere ready "Cosmo?"

Yeah, wheneverI go to Rite Aid

to pick up my Lexaproand my Ambien,

I always-- I alwaystake a sec to see

what's going on on thecover of "Cosmo" and, like,

what I love about "Cosmo"is it is this magazine

that is pretending tobe your best friend

but "Cosmo"hates you so much.

Like, "Cosmo" justwants to undermine you

and make you insecure.

Like, two real storiesfrom the cover of "Cosmo"

recently, like,one of them was

"How to drive a man wildin under 60 seconds."

And then it was like...and I'm just like,

"When would I everneed to do that?"

Like, when would I ever bein that kind of a rush?

Am I at a toll booth?

You know, like, "I only havea minute to make this guy

jack in my hair and you'relike, "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah."

And you'relike, "Did it.

"Thanks, 'Cosmo'."


Like, why?