Extended Scene - Hamish's Gift

Trial of the Century Season 2, Ep 4 07/06/2016 Views: 176

While visiting Hamish in prison, the Commodore reminisces about his brother's uncanny ability to guess what a woman's vagina looks like. (1:24)

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- Hamish, remember when we were younger

and we used to play that game?

- Lighting Daddy's warehouse on fire for insurance money?

- No, not Jewish Lightening, dummy.

The other game, the vaginal description game.

- Oh.

- He never made it past first grade,

but my god there was no one better

at guessing what a woman's crinkle looked like

than old Hamish.

- Well that sounds like a hell of time.

Do one now.

- I have a gift.

Had a gift.

- Hamish, Hamish, we'reall rooting for you.

Hamish, all of the girls in the Free Hamish Society.

- All right, lets go.


Lets go.

- Free Hamish.

- Crooked labia, cinnamon pubes,

hasn't been touched in awhile,

just like me.

- Hold tight Hamish, I'mgoing to get you freed.

I'll find a way.


- Hey, is there any chance of maybe getting me free too?

Or is this just between you guys?

- We'll see friend.

- He said it like a yes.

- It was a no.

- I mean you just got a bad attitude.

- No, I know him.

He's a terrible person.