Byron Yee - Growing Up in Oklahoma

Case, Yee, Mohr Season 2, Ep 26 05/26/1993 Views: 2,637

When people saw a Chinese kid, they assumed it had something to do with take-out. (1:41)

I was one of onlythree minorities.

OK there was me, a blackguy, and a smart guy.

And we had a tough time playingwith the other neighborhood


You know, we'd tryto play like Wild

Wild West andcowboys and Indians.

Everyone else inthe neighborhood

got to be like sheriffs andgunslingers and outlaws.

The black guy and Ibuilt the railroad.

I had a tough time dating,being the only Asian guy

around because, number one, Inever any date money and number

two, my date'sparents would never

know what to think wheneverI'd go to pick up the girl.

You know, it wouldalways happen.

I'd get to the doorstep.I'd ring the doorbell.

The father wouldanswer the door,

and say, what, didwe order takeout?


So I gave him a brown paper bag.

He gave me $20.

I had date money.

No, I love living in California.

But the one thing I havenot gotten used to out there

is this thing aboutpolitical correctness.

I know it's allover the country,

but I'm not used to it.

I mean, my first six monthsin San Francisco, I'd go,

hi, my name is Byron andI'm an Oriental American.

And people would correct me.

They'd say, no, Byron.

You're not an Oriental American.

That's a racist term.

You're an Asian American.

I'd go, gosh, I'm sorry.

I'm not used to beingaround this many minorities.

They say, no, Byron,you're not a minority.

You're a person of color.

And I'm thinking, whatam I, a crayon, what?

They'd say, what wouldyou like to be called,

a Chinese American,an Asian American?

Hey if it'spolitically correct, I

want to be called a yellowbanana nut stud muffin.

But you can call me Byron Yee.