Joe DeRosa - Crazy Cities

Joe DeRosa Season 2, Ep 4 05/10/2013 Views: 11,738

After living in New York City, Joe DeRosa occasionally forgets that the rest of the world doesn't function like the lunatic farm he's used to. (2:10)

You guys are revved uplike you heard

they were makingBoondock Saints Part III.

Jesus Christ.

(crowd cheering)


I love this town.

I really do.I'm not saying that to kiss ass.

I love Boston.

It's insane.I love it.

I love crazy cities.

I love it.I live in New York.

It's crazy.And I love--

Here's what I love about livingin a crazy city.

When you live in a crazy cityfor a long time,

you forgetthat the rest of the world

doesn't function likethat lunatic farm

you've been living on.


You forgetthere's humanity out there.

I was driving in Pennsylvaniaa few months ago,

and I had to pee,like, really bad,

and I pull over at thispizza place, and I run in.

I run up to the guy,I'm like, "I got to pee!

I got to pee, bad!"

The guy's like,"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

And I go,"What do I got to buy?!

"Quick, tell me!

What do I got to buy?!"

He's like,"Just go pee, you psycho.

What the hell's wrong with you?"

I was like, oh, yeah,I'm not in New York anymore.

Everything isn'ta cutthroat money barter

everywhere else.

It's hard to find humanitywhen you live

in a big city, you know?It's too ambitious.

Everybody's like,"Get the (bleep) out of my way!

"What do you have?!

"I want it!

"Give it to me!

I will bite off your dickand take it!"

Then you go to Pennsylvania,they're like,

"Just go pee.What's the big deal?"

I was just staring at this guyin disbelief.

I was like, oh, my God,he's so sweet.

He's so innocent.

(quietly): I could takethis pizza place from him.

I'm gonna bite his dick off.