CC:Social Scene - How to Survive Your Summer Family Reunion

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From eccentric uncles to oversharing mothers, family reunions can be hard to handle. (3:16)

- [Voiceover] This episode of CC: Social Scene

is based on your suggestions for weird family members.

- Summertime means family reunions.

They were fun when you were a kid but now you're older

and they just don't have the same magic.

- Can I just not go?

- No, it'll break your mother's heart.

But don't worry because I'm here

to give you tips on how to survive

your summer family reunion.

Step one, breathe.

Take it all in.

This is your family.

You share the samegenes with these people.

Some are older, collecting dust.

And some are young, collecting nine volt batteries.

Like it or not, you're connected to them.

Step two, hug your mother.

Do this immediately.

The sooner you hug yourmother and let her tell

an embarrassing story about you--

- He used to pee his pants every day.


- The sooner you can leave.

Step three, free food.

Make your way to that food but beware.

There are obstacles you have to avoid.

Like your cousin Kibbers.

- Hey Doug!

I was hoping I'd see you here.

Have I told you about Gift Buddies?

- I don't know.

- You don't know what Gift Buddies is

but you know one thing,it's a pyramid scheme.

- It's not a pyramidscheme, it's just gifts

for your buddies.

I'll email you about it.

- Sounds legit.

- [Voiceover] Woah,woah, woah, woah, woah.

Who's that?

- Hey, Doug.

- Hi.

Do we know each other?

- Doug, you remember your cousin June?

- Oh yeah.

- [Voiceover] Get out of there.

It's food time.

- Dude, V.R. goggles.

- It's Uncle Rick.

He's a self-proclaimed tech head

and undying conspiracy theorist.

- It's a fake world, like the moon landing.

- [Doug] Okay.

- T-T-Y-L.

Oh, chem trails.

- It's just a cloud.

(regal music)

- You made it.

Now enjoy that burger with some chips and beer.

You earned this.

And now it's time for the final step.


- Really?

- Yeah, you did the whole thing, right?

You hugged your mother.

Now it's time to go before she tells that story

about how you ate a urinal cake.

- It was one time.

- Yeah, find the quickest route and go.

(dramatic music)

- Get me out of here.

- And that's how you survive a summer family barbecue.

Good luck out there.

And don't drop your grandmas.

- Hey, I fixed the satellite dish.


I'm okay.

- So, want to get out of here?

After you, my lady.

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