Harland Williams - JFK Is a Wookie

Harland Williams Season 1, Ep 7 04/21/1998 Views: 4,201

Just another one of the government's many conspiracies. (0:56)

But, folks, what I really want

to tell you about is, there's

a conspiracy out there.

The government's trying to keep

secrets from each and every one

of us.

They've conveniently removed

little statistics and facts from

all the schoolbooks and

textbooks and libraries all over

this country.

Like, for example,

the government doesn't want you

to know this:

John F. Kennedy is not dead.

He's hiding out.

He's a wookie.

If you were to shave Chewbacca,

you'd find JFK under all that


And for those of you that don't

believe my little theory, listen

real close to one of JFK's more

popular speeches.

[monotone voice] "Ask not what

your country can do for you, but

ask what you can do for your