Donald Trump's Racist Tweet Problem

July 5, 2016 - Jim Gaffigan 07/05/2016 Views: 42,222

Donald Trump retweets an anti-Semitic image of Hillary Clinton from a white supremacist group, but the Republican presidential hopeful denies any wrongdoing. (5:51)

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You know-you know,when you're watching sports,

there's nothing more excitingthan a close match, you know?

Like, even if you havea favorite team,

you still want the gameto be close, right?

And, uh, politicsis the exact opposite.

Especially when the rival teamis a racist clementine.

Because right now, HillaryClinton is leading the race

by an averageof four percentage points,

depending on which pollyou look at,

which is too close for comfort,considering her opponent

is a man who regularly saysthings like this.

Bing, bing, bong, bing.

This should notbe a close race, people.

Hillary should be bing, bing,bong, binging the crap

out of that guy.

Especially giventhe unforced errors

Trump commits on a daily basis.For instance, this weekend.

Donald Trumpcaught in the middle

of a Twitter firestormonce again.

A tweet showing what appears to be the Jewish star of David

over a backdrop of money labeling Hillary Clinton

the most corrupt candidate ever.


It's as if someonetold Trump he's not allowed

to be misogynistic anymore,so he was like,

"Fine, I guessI'll call her a Jew."

Now-now, most people would let asituation like this

slow them down,but Donald Trump is a man

who turns gaffesinto gaffe-tunities.

So, his campaignhad a perfectly good fix.

REPORTER: Trump's campaign is defending the tweet,

arguing the star was really a sheriff's star.

But no explanation of how the campaign

came across that image, which was previously posted

in a white supremacist chat room.

It's now been changed--

the star replaced with a circle.

Wow, how did you do that, Trump?

It's completely different. Yeah!

That is not evena good cover-up.

You can still see--if you zoom in--

you can still seethe edges of the star

underneath the circle.


You're not even trying.

You know know who Trump is, right?

Like, Trump is that guywho takes a giant dump

in your bathroom,forgets to flush, and then,

when you confront him, he justcomes in with air freshener,

like, "There, it's likeI was never here.

It's like I was never here."

I don't-I don't even understandhow... Here's my big question:

how could this tweetever have happened?

REPORTER: Daniel Scavino, Trump's former

New York golf course caddy- turned social media director

for the campaign now says he selected the star,

explaining he found it under Microsoft's "shapes."

Microsoft's sha... What the hellis Microsoft's shapes?

Who doesn't use Google?

What is Microsoft's shapes?

I mean, I-I seethat this is slick.

It's easy to try and blamethings on Microsoft, you know?

Microsoft does a few thingsweird. I mean, Microsoft

keeps making my computersearch for anime porn,

and that's not me.

No, I think I have a virus,guys. I think I have a virus.

But... But, you see,

it's not the shapethat's anti-Semitic.

That's not the point.It's when you put it

on top of a pile of moneynext to the word "corrupt"

that makes it anti-Semitic.It's all about context.

For example, a crossisn't a racist shape, yes?

But if you set it on fireon a black person's lawn,

then it is pretty (bleep)racist, people.

That's what makes it racist.

And... and, you know, you knowwhat else makes the star racist?

The fact that you got itfrom a neo-Nazi

white supremacist Web site.

Like, the fact that you haveyour former caddy

as your social media director--who are you? Who are...

It's like Trump thinks of a job,

then he hiresthe next person he sees.

"Oh, time for my annual checkup.

"Hey, Starbucks guy,put your finger up my butt.

Let's go."

Trump's campaignis a total mess,

but you wouldn't know thatwatching CNN.

Because to explain the tweetthey brought on

their newest hire, Trump'sformer campaign manager,

a man who literallysigned away his right

to say anything badabout Donald Trump.

The bottom line-- this ispolitical correctness run amuck.

If would have been a starnext to Hillary Clinton

that didn't havethe cash behind it,

no one would be questioningthis. This...

this is the mainstream mediatrying to read into something.

R... I'm sorry,read into something?

What is this guy saying? Oh, andby the way, uh, nice work, CNN.

Yeah. Because, just to be clear,that wasn't some special guest.

CNN has hired this guy.

And not to be Wolf Blitzer'sbeard groomer. No. No, no, no.

He's a politicalcommentator, all right?

Who's now gettingto do Trump's bidding

from insideyour news organization, CNN.

Because I... I don't understand.

Don't forget-- he signedan agreement with Donald Trump

saying he's not allowed to sayanything bad about Donald Trump.

So why is he on the news?

He's contractually obligatedto not say bad things.

Why not just hire Malfoy to givehis honest opinion on Voldemort?

Why not do that?

Why-why not go all the way then?

This is...

Listen, I...

I don't thinkTrump hates Jewish people,

but I knowthat some of his supporters do.

In addition to black people,Mexicans, Muslims--

you know, most people.

And Donald and his campaigndon't do a very good job

of disavowing those people.

REPORTER: Trump retweeted a racially charged graphic

that overstates homicides committed by African-Americans.

REPORTER 2: Trump retweeted a tweet showing a swastika

next to the Bush family.

REPORTER 3: The tweet also included Jeb

in a mariachi outfit.

REPORTER 4: Trump retweeted someone who claims to live

in "Jewmerica."


Look, Trump,

retweet something racist once,you can say it was a mix-up.

Retweet it twice, you saythat you're bad at Twitter.

But at some point,you're just racist.

Yeah, and you may be tryingto dog-whistle

to a certain group ofyour people, but you understand

that your messageis getting through to all of us.

It's a normal whistle,and it's racist as (bleep).

Your feelingsabout racism in America

is a lot like your tweets.

You may be able to cover it up,

but your supporterscan still see your point.