Panel - Will Elizabeth Warren Upstage Hillary Clinton?

June 28, 2016 - Jaime Camil 06/28/2016 Views: 1,008

Jaime Camil, Franchesca Ramsey and Jordan Carlos discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren's vocal support for Hillary Clinton and speculate about Donald Trump's future running mate. (7:24)

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I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Franchesca Ramsey.

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So, as we mentionedearlier in the show,

MassachusettsSenator Elizabeth Warren

has officially joined HillaryClinton on the campaign trail.

Check it out.

And Hillary Clinton

is the granddaughterof a factory worker

who's going to make it allthe way to the White House.

-(applause and cheering)-We believe in that America!

We believe in that America! Yes!

-Okay, simple question.-(laughter)

-CAMIL: Oh, good. She's runningfor president! -Yeah.

-That's what it seems like.-Yes, Elizabeth!

-No? -Simple question.When you see them together,

does this picture workfor Hillary?

I.... First of all, I think

there was a big mistake,Larry, by inviting me.

-Yes. -I think yourcasting people made a mistake.

Because, first of all, theytold me, like, a night show.

I was thinkingmore like light things,

-like carpool karaoke stuff.-Right.

-(laughter)-And they're like, "No, no.

-You're going to actually betalking about politics." -Yeah.

-I'm like, "Wait.But I'm not a citizen." -Yeah.

And I'm a resident, Mr. Trump,so don't get any crazy ideas.

-(laughter) -But then, and then,you know, talking about...

But I don't want my green cardto be revoked.

-I understand. -So my positionin this show will be

-that I love everybody inpolitics... -WILMORE: Everybody. this country.-(laughter) -Right.

-They're all great. -Yeah.-And the good thing--

-everybody in politicsloves you. -Thank you very much.

-WILMORE: That's not true.-And that's my cue.

-I-I agree. -RAMSEY:I'm a resident, so I can take

-a stand on this one.-WILMORE: Yes. -CARLOS: Right.

I'm gonna saythat it was a bad idea

-to have Elizabeth Warrengo first... -WILMORE: Really?

-...because she upstagesHillary. -CAMIL: Yeah.

-You know it's kind of like...-WILMORE: But even campaigning,

-though?-I absolutely think so.

Similar to, you know,

-maybe having Beyoncé openthe BET Awards. -(laughter)

Who wants to watch afteryou've seen Beyoncé crush it?

CAMIL:You're pretty much right.

So, like, Elizabeth Warrendoes an awesome job.

-WILMORE: Uh-huh.-And then,

you know, Hillary has to followthat, and I kind of think...

-Don't think that's fair.-I would say... I...

-To stay on the Beyoncé tip,um, I would say... -Yeah.

...they were bothquite in formation.

-I like that a lot.-(laughter)

They were both... they were,like... the matching outfits.

-You know what I mean?It was like... -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-Yeah. Yeah. -CAMIL:They use the same stylist.

So that's good.But Elizabeth, she's so...

she's so brilliant,I mean, she's so...

-Uh-huh. -Whenever she responds,when they get on her skin

and she respondsvia her social media,

-Right. -she's so brilliant,and-and her one-liners...

I mean, she could bewriting sketches for SNL.

But do you think it fixesher problem with the left

of the party,'cause that's where Hill...

-And the millennials, you know?-Mm-hmm.

Do you think that's a plus for her,

-to help bring those in?-I think it goes a long way.

I mean, the Democratic Partyis, like, right now

it's, like, a divorce, you know,between, like,

-the Bernie camp and Hillary.-They're going through divorce.

Yeah, they're goingthrough divorce, and, you know,

and Elizabeth is the childthat they share,

-you know what I'm saying?And, uh... -Yeah. -(laughter)

-trying to... tryingto make it right. -(cheering)

-Trying to make it right.-Wow!

-Yeah. -You know, she doesfavor, uh, Bernie a little bit.

Yeah, she does.She wears glasses.

-Yeah.-I'm just saying.

I don't know,I've seen a lot of people,

at least on my Facebook wall,

complaining about Warrenendorsing Hillary, because...

-WILMORE: Really?-because they feel

as if she has betrayed them.

People are like,"I'm so disappointed!

"Even thoughI don't actually know her

"and she's a politician andshe has to support the party!

-I'm disappointed!"-(whining): Yeah.

And it's just, like, getover it, you know what I mean?

Like, she just doesn't wantTrump in the White House.

I love the word "betrayed."

I know. It's like,girl, you don't know her!

-Like, she's not your friend.-Yeah.

-(whooping, applause)-I know.

WILMORE: Do you think you think it'd be...

do you think it'd bea good choice if Hillary chose,

uh, Elizabeth Warrenas the vice president?

I do think so.Yeah, I think she's brilliant.

I think you haveto be surrounded,

when you're a politician,you have to be surrounded

by very, uh, intelligent andcapable professionals around you

to do, like, a great job, and Ithink Elizabeth Warren is that.

-Howsomever, we are in America.-Yeah. Oh, we are?

-WILMORE: Yeah.-(laughter)

According to a CNN pollreleased last week,

when asked how Clinton choosinga woman as her running mate

would impact voters,a whopping 86% said

it would not make a difference.

Okay, is this poll bull (bleep)?

-(laughter) -I don't...I don't think it's bull (bleep).

Do people really careabout that still?

I-I guess they do, I mean,there's a poll...

What kind of a sexistis just like, "Okay, one woman.

-But two women?!"-(laughter)

-Yes. There are...-Exactly!

"If she dies, then she'llbe replaced by a woman!"

-Another woman!-(laughter)

My head's gonna explode!

America is ready for only one.Not two.

RAMSEY: I don't know,I'm kind of of the mind

that polls in generalare bull (bleep).

Like, they called 200 people,and suddenly, like,

"This is what America thinks."It's, like, and that's

the 200 people that answeredtheir phone on that day.

-Yeah. Yeah.-Yeah.

Depending on what timethey answered the phone.

-That's true.-That's true.

If they answered the phoneat 3:00, it's, like, get a job.

-Yeah. -Why are you answeringyour phone? Exactly.

Any chance you thinkshe'd pick Bernie Sanders?

Would... do you think somethinglike that would happen?

-No.-Nah, it's...

Would that bean interesting ticket?

That would... that would...I'm gonna just pass.

-Now just, you, please...-WILMORE: You don't need to...

-No. -What you think, Jordan?Franchesca?

No one's gonna ruinyour green card.

-WILMORE: Bernie...-I love America

and being in this country.


(whooping, applause)

-I don't know. Jordan, please.-Oh, my God!

-Look! Donald Trump's rightbehind you! -Oh, my dear...!

CARLOS:He's got a big net.

Do you think, you think he'd be up

-for something like that?-I think... No. No, no, no.

Because it would feellike too much of a betrayal

-to his... his people, his camp.-Yeah.

If... even if it did happen,I think, like,

Hillary would do, like,a bait-and-switch.

Like, he would get, like,some diplomatic position

-in Micronesia or somethinglike that. -Micronesia!

Or, like, Siberia,you know what I mean? Like...

Or maybe...or the question would be,

if Bernie would bewilling to be...

-if... if Bernie would say yes.-CARLOS: Right.

RAMSEY: I think...I don't think he would say yes.

I think it would make him looklike a sellout to his audience.

You can't talk a bunch of smackand then...

Well, unless, you know,you work for Donald Trump,

'cause his people talk (bleep)about him on Twitter,

-and then he hires them.-(laughter)

So, um... so maybethat would work out.

-Right. -But I thinkthat his supporters

-would be really disappointed.-Right. -Yeah.

WILMORE (laughs):Who do you think...

I saw that no one wantsto be Trump's vice president.

-That is hilarious.-(laughter)

-Who...-Well, that's-that's reality.

Who could he even pick?Is there anybody out there?

-Uh...-No. Please.

I... I think thathe should choose Omarosa.


(whooping, applause)

-WILMORE: Omarosa?-Omarosa? -No, no.

Follow me for one second.

-WILMORE: Okay.-Omarosa is kind of like

-the black female Donald Trump,-Mm-hmm.

and they both also are too richto have such (bleep) hair.

-I'm gonna put it out there.-CARLOS: Wow!

His hair doesn't make s...Nothing makes sense.

-WILMORE: Nothing. Yeah.-I would say he...

like, if anything,he might pick Ivanka. You know?

-WILMORE: Really?-Yeah. I mean, you know...

-Why Ivanka?-he's like... Why Ivan...?

Come on, he's, like, you know,he's so... like...

-I mean, come on.-Say it. You want to say it.

-He... he really likes her.-You want to say it.

-And, uh...-(laughter)

and he's like, you know,he'd be like,

"Ivanka's the best.Look at her. Beautiful Ivanka.

-You know, a great VP."-WILMORE: That's pretty good.

Yeah, yeah. The bestblack impression of Trump ever.


-(whooping, applause)-WILMORE: Yeah. I like it.

Okay. We'll be right back.

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