Greg Behrendt - Buying a Guitar

Butler, Behrendt, Louis C.K. Season 2, Ep 5 05/26/1993 Views: 1,716

In San Francisco, they're passive-aggressive when they sell you a guitar. (1:39)

-How's it going?


-I was coming down the streettoday with my girlfriend, here.

This guy shouts out, hey, man,your girlfriend's a peach.

And, I thought,well, that's nice.

And then it turns out she hasa really fuzzy face and a stem.


-So I play in a band.

It's a really undergroundband, super underground,

very underground.

Like, we- we don'tactually even play.

And, yeah.


-Because I'm not a sellout, man.

But I was here.

I just got here.

And I, like, went to aguitar store, check it out.

Because it's totallydifferent here than it

is back in San Francisco.

The people hereare really intense.

Like, these cats are, like,on speed, freaking out, just

trying to sell youanything that they can.

-This guy's, like, you'vegotta buy something, man.

You wanna buy something, like,buy a guitar or something?

You, like, a Marshallstack or something.

You know, you gottabuy something, man.

My wife's having a baby!

-You know, OK, whoa.

You know, right on, dude.

[laughs] Bought some strings.

And- but at home, it'stotally different.

It's, like, this weirdpassive-aggressive,

therapeutic, like, Idon't know what, man.

I got in.

-This guy's, like,welcome, Greg.

Couple things you'regonna see today, Greg.

You're gonna see guitars.

Something you're notgoing to see, salesman.

Real simple.


-I like to considermyself a facilitator, OK.


-But what I need to know morethan if you're- you know,

the guitar is rightfor you, I need

to know if theguitar is OK for you.

But I need to know more ifyou're OK for the guitar.

-Do you see whatI'm saying, Greg?

We definitely haveto check you out.

Do you see what I'msaying, Greg, because I'm

getting a bad feelingabout your aura.

And, you know what, Iwant you to get out.


-So I bought one.

And it's kind of cool.