Speedround - Tacos All Around

08/19/2016 Views: 29

Donald Trump finds himself in questionable company, @midnight makes celebrities more international, and Peepers reunites with his one true love. (1:13)

- I mean why would Donald Trump hire Roger Ailes?

A bloated, ego-maniacal,rich, hates spewing,

blonde stalking, misogynistic husk of a human.

Wait who was I talking about again?

Trump or?


I got.

- Tonight's hashtag is Make a Celebrity International.

Make a Celebrity International.


John Dore?

- Kurd Cobain.

- Yes, points.


All right, go Maz.

- Notorious UAE.

- [Chris] Yes, points.



Iggy Isrealia.

- [Chris] Yes, points.

- Peepers, do you have your horsehair brush?

- Of course Madam.

Shall I brush your hair?

- No, the carriage rolled through a pile of cow shit.

Scrub the wheels.

- Yes, madam.

- She hasn't given a real press conference.

We realized this.

She hasn't given a real press conference in eight months.

That's 250 days.

The last time she gave a press conference

Jeb Bush's family was still proud of him.

That's how long it's been.

- When Chaz invited me to his hillside orgy

to hand out some taco,

I thought he meant something a little sexier than this.


- Sausage?

- Wiener?

- I also have roast beef.