The GOP Puts Obamacare on the Chopping Block

January 5, 2017 - Keegan-Michael Key 01/05/2017 Views: 40,967

Congressional Republicans submit legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- even though they don't have a plan for a replacement health care system. (8:07)

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Over the last decade, the GOPhas been led in the Senate

by majority leaderMitch McConnell.

And throughout that time,him and his team

has been focused on one thing.

Senator Mitch McConnell did aninterview with National Journal.

In it, he said,"The single most important thing

we want to achieveis for President Obama

to be a one-term president."

You said...(reads quote)

Well, that is true.

Uh, that's my singlemost important political goal,

along with every activeRepublican in the country.

(imitates McConnell):Well, that is true.

Why does he sound so sassywhen he says it?

(imitates McConnell):Well... well, that is true.

It's like he's being forcedto admit something

but he's secretly glad hefinally gets to talk about it.

Yeah. I heard when your wifeis out of town

you like to sleepon her side to have the bed.

Well, that is true.


I also heard that, uh,

you get fully nakedin the dressing room at the Gap.

Well, that is true.

But, uh, but jokes... jokesaside, uh, Mitch McConnell,

don't you think as a publicservant,

your number-one priority,

instead of blockingthe president,

should be serving the public?

Well, that is true.

Anyway, we'll never really know

how McConnell's planto limit Obama, uh, turned out.

But, uh, yesterdayhe moved on to plan B,

and that is erasingObama's legacy.

Congress is movingfull steam ahead

to get rid of Obamacare.

The senate narrowly approved afast-track resolution yesterday

to begin the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

We have on the floorof the senate now

the Obamacare repeal resolution.

Uh, the priorities between nowand the...

and January 20are... (clears throat)

(clears throat)

Seems like you have some (bleep)stuck in your throat.

(clearing throat)

Although, to... to be honest,to be honest,

it actually looks likeyou have a separate throat

just for (bleep).

That's what... It's like he'sgot that frog thing,

that, like...

like, instead oftaking healthcare away

from millions of Americans,your priority

should be to repealwhatever that thing is.

Like, I don', I don't know, like,

Botox it or, I mean, at least

turn it into a bow tieor something, just, you know?

Yeah, yeah, like that.Like that.

Like that. Yeah.

Anyway, uh, so yesterday,

Republicans voted to beginrepealing Obamacare,

but luckily, luckily,Democrats did not stand by.

They complained.

Republicans are plotting...

and soon will be executinga full-ca... full-scale assault

on the three pillars

that support the Americanhealth care system.

Make America sick again?

Is that what the Republicanswant to do?

There's a difference betweennot curing the problem

and causing the problem.

May 7, 2015,

Donald Trump tweeted...



(cheering and applause)

Bernie, we miss you, Bernie!

Why didn't we listen, Bernie?


Oh, man. This is what I loveabout Bernie Sanders.

He's so original.Like, we invented tweets

so that we don't have to write(bleep) down anymore.

But Bernie's old-school,you know?

Everyone's going digital, andhe's going the opposite way.

He prints the tweet out.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

He's old-school.His selfies are all hand-drawn.

That's Bernie Sanders. Yeah.

He doesn't sext.He just buys an actual eggplant

and hands it to a woman.

He just hands it to her.

"You up? Are you up?"

"Yeah. Yeah.

It's 6:00 p.m.Of course I'm up."

But no one should be surprisedthat this is happening,

because the GOP's been tryingto repeal Obamacare.

In fact, they tried repealingall or part of it 60 times.

The question is,why are Republicans so adamant

about getting rid of Obamacare?

Because you can't denythe positive impact

the Affordable Care Act has had.

It's given at least 11 millionAmericans health insurance,

it's saved the government money,

it's saved people's lives,

and, most importantly,

it's completely changedthe conversation in America

from should all Americanshave health coverage

to what kind of health coverageshould all Americans have.

-That's huge. That is huge.-(cheering and applause)

And you realize health coveragefor all seems like a stretch

right now, but-but think of itlike firefighters.

You realize, back in the days,firefighters weren't

a public service providedby the government, right?

If your house was on fire, itwas your business to put it out.

That's how it worked.But now we live in a world

where we've all agreedthat everyone should have access

to firefighters, right?Or at least the calendar.

At the least, the calendar.

Damn, look at that guy. Whew.

Some fires are too hotto put out. Damn.

And-and, look,don't get me wrong,

we all know Obamacareisn't perfect, right?

It isn't perfect.Its mandate wasn't effective,

the subsidies didn't cutpeople's costs enough,

and some peopledid lose their doctors.

But the big question is, ifthe GOP is going to replace it,

then what are they goingto replace it with?

And, please, please,Republicans, be specific.

There were virtuallyno specifics given to reporters

on the critically importantissue of replacing the law.

They do not have a concrete planyet to replace it.

We-we-we have a planto replace it.

We have plenty of ideasto replace it,

and you'll-you'll see,

as the weeks and months unfold,

what we're talking aboutreplacing it.

"Oh, man, you'll-you'll see.(chuckles)

"As... Oh, man. Ho, ho. Oh.

"When my plan gets here,you're gonna be sorry.

"Ho, ho. Oh, ho, ho.'Cause I've got so much ideas.

"Oh, ho, ho. Oh, my plan...

"Mitch, start the car,start the car!

(chuckling)My plan..."


Oh, and, by the way, I love how...

I love how slick--he-he throws that in--

Paul Ryan says, "And you'll seeas the weeks and months unfold

that what we're talkingabout..." I'm sorry, the weeks

and months?

You can't just jumpfrom weeks to months.

That's a giant space of time.

"You'll see as the weeksand months unfold

"that what we're talking aboutis years and years

of not actually doingsomething."

That's what you're talkingabout.

In fact, some Republicansare suggesting

that they might repeal Obamacare

but not have the repealtake effect

until after the next election.Yeah.

Yeah. So thenit's President Kanye's issue,

which is pretty slick.Pretty slick move, Republicans.

Because, you see, this is whata lot of people don't realize,

that way, they get the creditof repealing Obamacare right now

without actually havingto solve the problem.

Well, that is true.

I'm glad you agree.I'm glad you agree.

Here's my advice.Here's my honest advice--

and doesn't matter if you...

if you're Republicanor Democrat--

if you're an American,don't ever forget

that these politicians workfor you,

not the other way around.

So before you sign awaythe healthcare you have now,

at least make Republicansshow you a concrete plan.

And not just the brochure.The actual blueprints.

'Cause they're all like,"Oh, go to the Web site."

"I've got an idea..."No, no, no.

Show the plan.Write it up in a bill.

Because anyone can pretendthat they did

a good thing for youwithout actually doing it.

You can't give them the credituntil it's done.

Don't sign it away.And, now, I see this,

because I'm not that kindof person, all right?

And to prove it, I've gota special gift for everyone

in the audience today.If you look under your chairs,

you'll find a brand-new iPad.Look under your chairs

right now, everybody.Look under your chairs!

Look under your chairsright now.

That's it. A brand-new i...

It's in the top partof the thing.

And if the iPad isn't there now,

in the upcoming weeksand months...

As the upcoming weeksand months unfold,

I'm sure an iPad will appearin your lives.

Make sure you tweet abouthow great The Daily Show is

on delivering its promises.