Damien Lemon - Receiving a D**k Pic

Damien Lemon Season 3, Ep 9 07/11/2014 Views: 3,228

Damien Lemon suggests an image women could send men that would be just as unwelcome as a d**k pic. (1:34)

A lot of ladiesdon't seem

to appreciatethe dick pics, though.

I've noticed that.

I've done some informal polling,and, um...

...it seems that you don't...

Is it the unsolicited natureof it?

Is that...?

Is that what it is?

It's the factthat you didn't ask for it?

Is that...?WOMAN: Yes!

That's...? Yeah?

Does it feel like spam?

I try to empathize with the ladies.

I was like, "Well, damn, whatwould be the male equivalent

to receiving a dick pic?"

I was like,

"What about a sonogram photo?"

Imagine that?

Imagine you was kicking itwith your homeboy.

Y'all coming back from the gym.

Pull out your phone,you're like, "Whoa.

"I didn't ask for this.


"Frankly, I'm turned off.

"This is...

"This is ridiculous...

I'm gonna delete this."


You know, if you deletea sonogram photo,

they call that a cyber-abortion.

(mix of laughs and groans)

(crowd clapping)

Uh... oh.

I like that y'all clappedfor that, too, though.

You know, typicallyI got to tell people

don't get upset, you know.

It's just a fictional JPEGin a joke, you know.

Plus, if it makes you feelany better,

it was only 320 kilobits,

so it wasn't that far alongin the first place.