Lillian Makes a Political Statement

Trial of the Century Season 2, Ep 4 07/06/2016 Views: 2,734

When a journalist tries to take photos of women protesting outside of Hamish's hearing, Lillian sees it as an opportunity to get some press.

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- One more photo, ladies.

One more.[women singing]

- Oh, my.

If it isn't Brussels Sheridanfrom "The Looky-Loo."

Look, a woman smoking in public.

Real taboo stuff happening here.

- Is that supposed to be somekind of political statement?

- Yes, you might want to writea little article about it.

And since you've asked,as survivor

of a sexual encounterwith a poor person, I--

- If this trial continues,

I will bathe myselfin the blood of 12 pigs.

- And I will eat those 12 pigs,

rub their guts on my body,

and set myself on fire

if Hamish is not freedby sundown

to be my star lover.

- I was in the middleof a speech, gals.

I realize you're all havinga psychic love affair--

- Girls, over here.Over here.

- What about me?

- Get out of the photo!

- They're my backup dancers.

- There are so manydesperate things happening here,

it's hard to decidewhich is the worst.

- Oh!Oh.

[women singing]

- [screams]