Jonah & Kumail - Comedy Central Perks

The One with the TV Host Perks Season 1, Ep 5 08/28/2014 Views: 11,242

"The Ders" explains to Jonah and Kumail what it's like to have a Comedy Central show. (1:21)

It's so weird to me that we haveour own Comedy Central show.

I kind of don't know what toexpect.

Like, I don't know howthis is gonna go...Yeah...

I think I could give you guysa few pointers on it...

if you wanted to knowhow to run a show.

Oh, my god!Oh!

Anders Holm!

Anders Holm from Workaholics!

Hey, guys!

Anders! Can we call youDers? Is that okay?


I'm kidding.Yeah, you can call me Ders.

You can call me The Ders,whatever.

Okay, so Ders--Or, the Ders.

Okay. The Ders.

That sounds good.I like that.

So, The Ders, what can weexpect from like, our show.

Do you have any tips for us?Any pointers?

Of course, I do,first and foremost...

when you get your first limodriver, fire them Day 1.

Uh, we didn't--

We didn't really geta limo driver.

We didn't get any kindof driver.

What do you mean?We have to commute together...

so we save on gas...Yeah...

that they don'treimburse us for.

They don't pay usback for that.

Uh, well then, uh, the gourmetmeals that they drop offat your house...

to keep you in shapeand whatnot.

JONAH (O.S.):Again...

We don't really getgourmet meals...

Or any meals at all, really.

Ok-- oh, that's weird.

I brought some chips.

Oh, that was you.That was me, yeah.

I wrote Comedy Centrala "Thank You" note for those.

It fits you well, oddly.