Uncensored - Jeff Ross - Speed-Roasting Prisoners

Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail Season 1, Ep 1 06/13/2015 Views: 143,117

In the middle of a speed-roasting session, Jeff Ross discovers a prisoner's unbelievable hidden talent. (2:24)

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(Jeff Ross)I don't know, man.

I want to try something crazyup here right now.

If you think you have thick skin

and you think you cantake a joke...

Yeah?Come up here, bud.

All right.Wanna come up here, buddy?

Wanna come up here?Come on up.

This is the ugliest policelineup I've ever seen.

(laughter and applause)

You are adorable.What's your name?



Where you from,Michael?

College Station.College Station?

Oh, are youa college student?



I got locked upbefore--

I got locked up beforeI could go to college.

You got locked up beforeyou could go to college?

Oh, yeah, that'swhat happened, sure.

Like you were going to (bleep)Harvard and all of the sudden...

You look like-- You're oneof those rare people

who looks like a child

and a child molesterat the same time.


You look like a sweet guy,like you wouldn't hurt anybody.

You're not a violent guy.

I don't know about that.

Oh, shit, next.


Come here, come here,come here.

How you doing, man?What's your name?

I'm good.



Come here.Why they call you Forty?


Why they call you--


You're not under oath,you realize that, right?

Just a nickname, that's all.

A nickname.Yeah.

What's your job whenyou get outside?

You have a regular job?


(laughter and applause)

Let's talk to Curious Georgeover here.


My name's E.T.

Your name's E.T.?

Oh, I thoughtyou looked familiar.


How old are you?


Oh, my goodness, man.

Your breath is giving methe breath penalty right now.

(man)Hey, do the walk.

What's that?

(man)Do the walk.Do the walk?

What's that mean,do the walk?

(men)Do the walk! Do the walk!

What's the walk?Wait...


(cheers and applause)