Anthony DeVito - Looking Suspicious & Specific Racism

Shy Guy Season 3, Ep 3 03/17/2016 Views: 1,146

Anthony DeVito talks about the unique challenges brought on by his appearance and imagines the evolution of racism. (1:47)

Yeah, uh, man this what I looklike.

Uh, so...



I'm white, but I getto the airport pretty early.


8:30 flight, I'm there4:00 in the morning.

I've not had shoes onfor a week.

So every time that I fly,they'll pull me out of line

at the gate,and they take my license.

They want to know my nameand where I'm from.

It makes everything worse.

My name is Anthony DeVito

from New Jersey.

So yeah, not onlydo I look suspicious,

but I sound likewhat you would do

to make up an Italian.

Unless you know a guynamed Italy Lasagna...

from Chicken Cutlet Island.

It's almost likemy terrorist group,

they just ran out of moneyand then forgot

they had to get fake IDs.

Just like,"Sorry, we fucked up.

"So you got to beDiego Taco Truck

"from Nachoville,Cucaracha Noise.

Really apologize."

Yeah, I don't know.

Racism, that's somethingthat'll die out eventually

just because everybody'shaving sex with everybody.

So yeah, more and more racesare mixing.

In 100 yearsracists are gonna

have to be so specific.

They're gonna have to be like,"These goddamn 1/4 Mexican,

"1/2 Jew, 1/4 Koreans

"are ruining this country.

Ugh, their taco bankLaundromats, just..."