Extended - Puppy Bowl - Meet the Adorable Players

Extended - Thursday, February 2, 2017 - Uncensored 02/02/2017 Views: 310

Paul Scheer, Whitney Cummings and Will Sasso reveal little-known facts about the Puppy Bowl's most precious participants. (1:40)

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>> HARDWICK: Now it's time for

Bowling For Puppies!

Bowling For Puppies.

>> Love it!

>> HARDWICK: This weekend is the

Puppy Bowl, the annual Super

Bowl alternative for people who

hate violence but love

accidental bowel movements.

But we hardly know anything

about the puppy players.

Where'd they go to college?

Do they not remember their names

because of head injuries or just

'cause they're puppies?

Do they go home and have tinier

dog fights?

We don't know.

So, comedians, I'm gonna show

you a Puppy Bowl player, and I

want you to tell me a fact about


First up, what about this little

bundle of fluff?

What is his, uh... Whitney.

>> In a movie, he'd be voiced by

Danny Trejo.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

Very good.

Next one...

Will Sasso.

>> Uh, this adorable pup is

actually the drummer for Def


>> HARDWICK: Points.

>> I...

>> HARDWICK: Jesus Christ.

Uh, next, how 'bout this wittle

waggy wuv muffin?

Uh, Paul.

>> Likes to do it human-style.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

>> Great. Oh, that's so funny.

>> HARDWICK: Next, how 'bout

this quirky pooch?


>> Uh, has the same makeup

artist as Kellyanne Conway.

>> HARDWICK: Points.

Next up, this little scruffball.


>> This dog will be sitting the

bench tonight, because she's

been a bad little bitch.

>> HARDWICK: All right.

Next, how 'bout this furry

little delight?


>> Had four abortions.

(groaning, laughter)

>> HARDWICK: All at the same


>> Yeah.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, all at the


And, finally, this fluffy pup.

>> Ew!

>> HARDWICK: Will.

>> This adorable doggy athlete

sleeps in a cryogenic chamber

full of puppy farts.


>> Puppy farts.

Come on. Make some puppy farts.