Fortune Feimster - Coming Out of the Closet Pt. 2

Fortune Feimster Season 3, Ep 7 06/27/2014 Views: 2,842

When Fortune Feimster comes out to her dad, he reacts in a very peculiar way. (1:25)

So, when I finally told my dad,

I took him to thishometown festival in the South,

to tell him.You know, safety in numbers.

And we're sitting thereon this hill and I'm like,

so nervous,that I can barely speak.

I'm like, "Dad, uh...huh, (laughs)

"I need to tell you something.


Dad, I'm gay."

(groaning words)

(groans):"I just want to say, I'm gay."

At this point,he's really worried,

because he thinks I'm special.

Which, sometimes I am.

So, finally, I'm like,"Dad, I'm gay."

And he cocks his head backand he's like, "Aw, shit."

And he's more concerned about

having to havea real conversation,

so he's just like,"All right.


"All right.

(smacks lips)


"Well, uh...

You want to go to Old Navyand get you a new outfit?"

(laughing):I'm like, "What?!"

"They're having a sale,30% off.

We'll go down there right now;we'll get you a new outfit."

I'm like,"Dad, what does Old Navy

have to do with mebeing a lesbian?"

He's like, "I don't know.

They sell vests and shit."

I'm like,"Grab the Subaru, let's go!"

I've been wearing tiny vestsand cardigans ever since.


It's not me, it's the dryer.