Slap Chef

  • Season 1 , Ep 6
  • 06/04/2013
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The newest diet craze is Slap Chef, a revolutionary weight loss program that provides a private chef who violently smacks food out of your hands. (1:16)

Amy, you look amazing--what are you doing?

Weight Watchers,Jenny Craig?

Yeah, right.

Those take too muchself-control.

Last time I checked,I wasn't a robot.


How'd you do it?

With Slap Chef.

With Slap Chef.

With Slap Chef.

Slap Chef,what's that?

It's a new weight-lossprogram that takes

decision-makingout of the equation.

How does it work?

( announcer )First, one of Slap Chef'sworld-class chefs

makes you oneof their signature dishes.

Then before you can saySlap Chef,

they knock it outof your stupid mouth.

Slap Chef!

What kind of fooddo they make?

All kinds.


Slap Chef!

Lobster bisquewith crème fraîche.

Slap Chef!( bleep )


Slap Chef!

Fettucine Alfredo.

But whatif I fight back?

Go for it.

All of the chefsare trained in the art

of tai chew moi.

I swear to God if you evertouch me again I'll--

( garbled speaking )

Slap Chef.

What about thatmumbo-jumbo I heard about

Slap Chef being just abjectviolence against women?


Slap Chef.