Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Seeing a Rat in New Orleans Pt. 1

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 03/29/2014 Views: 30,009

While in a restaurant bathroom in New Orleans, Hannibal Buress encounters a very confident rat. (2:07)

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My favorite place thatI've travelled is New Orleans.

Like New Orleans a lot.

Mostly 'cause you can drinkin the street.

That's a big deal, to be ableto drink in the street,

and I love goinginto a bar there.

Hey! Give mea Jameson ginger ale, to go.

I don't like this place.

I don't likethis place.

I don't like the musicyou're playing.

I think that chair's weird.

I want my drinkin a plastic cup to go,

and I'm hitting the streetswith that drink.

I'm going to another barwith that drink in my hand,

and I'll beahead of the game already.

I went into this restaurantin New Orleans.

It's called Coop's.

Went into the bathroomof Coop's.

Huge rat in the bathroomof Coop's,

and the ratlooked at me like,

"What the fuckare you doing here?"

That was his vibe.

It was very negative.Very negative vibe.

Also, I'm just assumingthat it was a he.

I think when you see a rat,that's a dude, right?

Rats are dudes.That's a dude trait to be a rat.

That's all dude stuff.

Rats are dudes,no matter what.

Unless it's giving birthright there, well, all right,

that's a lady rat.

Or it could be a dude rat

pulling an elaborate prank.

The old pregnantlady-dude rat trick

just so he can shitall over my house.

You never know with dude--it's a rat.

You never knowwhat they up to.

It's real--so me and the rat,

we held eye contactfor several moments.

We had a stare-down.[groaning]

Then I broke eye contact first.

He was definitely the alphain that situation.

Went to my seat.The server goes up.

"Hey, hey. You guys decidedon what you wanted to--"

"You know, I don't thinkI'm gonna get anything.

I just saw a ratin your bathroom."

He said, "Man, we are rightby the Mississippi River.

"These buildingsare 200, 300 years old.

"There are rats everywhere.

Even the five-star restaurantshave rats."

Somehow he made mefeel like the asshole

for bringing up rats.

I don't know what typeof Jedi mind trick this was.

He confused the hell out of me,

'cause I still ended upordering food there.

Uh, yeah, I guess I'll havethe shrimp and grits then, man.

My bad for bringing upthe whole rat thing.

I don't--I don't knowwhat I was thinking.

That was real meanand inconsiderate of me.

I'm working on that.I'm trying to work on that.

I'm super drunk, man.My bad.

Sorry, man.It just must be tough for you

to deal with the ratsbeing in here.