First Impressions of Brody

Brody Stevens, Who Are You? Season 1, Ep 1 12/02/2013 Views: 2,170

Brody Stevens's friends and fellow comedians describe what they like most about his stand-up. (2:04)

Just-- I'm a fanof his stand-up...

because I've never seen anyperson do what he's doing.

He really was so differentfrom everybody else...

doing comedy that we saw.

I thought he was hilarious.I was--

Brody never seems like he'sdoing material at all.

He's just yelling.

Public school, did it!Bussing, did it!

Blue collar Jewish,I just get it.

A lot of confrontation.

Yelling at people...

as if there's some problem...

that isn't really there.

What's funny is hehas these jokes...

Who's going to Coachella?

They're jokes,they're just kind of jokes.

Are you gonna see The Strokesthere? They're playing theoldies tent.

And when they fail, whichis the best when they fail...

then that's when he strikes.

Why'd you not laugh?

Why did you not laugh?

His never was about the jokes,it was about the in-betweenof the jokes.

Um... what don't youlike about it?

He's one of those comics thatyou watch and you go...

Oh, I wish I did that, whydon't I do that for my comedy.

Talk to people like Brody doesand like, get in the audienceand take chances.

Let me ask what your pedigreeis, Mr.--

Mr. I'm in the front row,hunched over...

trying to attacka professional who's made it.

I think he's at his funniestwhen he's lost complete control.

So, listen to me, buddy,I drive on the Fox lot.

When there's a problemand his hackles are up...

and he's pissed offa little bit.

You said joke three times,you do a joke.

There's a certain perverseenjoyment that you get from...

a guy who you knowis very funny.

And you see a group of peoplenot quite understanding him.

You think you're gonnatell me what I--

I know, I see meperform every night.

And I tape my sets, andyou're gonna tell me whatI'm doing right and wrong?

Shame on you! I didPremium Blend in 2000.

Where were you?