Kabir Singh - Siri Is Racist

Kabir Singh & Lance Patrick Season 3, Ep 1 10/04/2014 Views: 8,648

Kabir Singh knows that there are a lot of barriers to break through before there will be an Indian president in the United States. (1:30)

I still love Obama.I don't care.

Yeah. I rememberwhen Obama was first elected.

My friend was way too excited.

Like, right whenObama got elected,

my friend came over to my houseat 1:00 a.m., bust in my room.

"We did it, bro.We did it.

"We finally did it.

"After all the nonsenseof people holding us down,

we rose up, and we did it."

I was like,"Dude, you're Vietnamese."


I'm Indian.We didn't do anything.

We didn't even vote.

I want an Indian president, butI know that's not gonna happen,

'cause we still got to dealwith a lot of,

uh, you know racism, right?

Like, I got the new iPhonewith Siri on it.

Siri is racist.

Yeah, Siri only understandswhite people.

That's why you only see whitepeople use Siri on commercials.

Right? Every commercial'sthe same thing.

It's just white people.

Beep, beep. "Siri,could you tell Michael and Jason

that me and Ben are on the way,please?"

Beep, beep. Message sent.No problem there.

Then I use itwith my Indian cousins' names,

and all hell breaks loose,right?

Yeah. Then I use it.I'm like...

Beep, beep."Siri, could you tell Rajinder,

"Padinder and Satinder...

...that me and Priyaare on our way, please?"

Beep, beep. "We've locatedfive 7-Elevens in your area."

Oh, isn't that nice?

That's nice.

We got a lotof beautiful girls here.