When Footwear Gets Offensive - Uncensored

January 17, 2017 - John Zimmer 01/17/2017 Views: 21,315

A shoe company is forced to recall boots with swastika treads, and Amazon receives backlash for selling flip-flops with Mahatma Gandhi's image on them. (3:17)

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TV REPORTER: A shoe company recalling a boot

because those boots leave what looks like a Nazi symbol,

a swastika on the ground.

The company, Polar Fox says it's an innocent mistake

and only found out about the problem

when somebody posted this photo online.


Man... If you thought it wasembarrassing walking around

with toilet paperstuck to your shoe,

imagine tracking swastikaseverywhere.

It's like, hey, is that you?

And it's like,What? Oh, no, no. That's not...

And by the way, by the way,guys, this is 2017,

so it's not acceptableto sell Nazi boots, all right?

You have to call them"alt footwear."

Then it's cool.That's how it works.

By the way,how much would it suck

to get kicked with thosein the face?

No, because not onlywould it hurt,

but everyone would thinkyou were the Nazi.

You'd be like,no, they kicked me.

They kicked me.

But if these boots are makingyou uncomfortable,

luckily, there's alighter option online.

This story's trendingat bbc.com.

Flip-flops depicting Mahatma Gandhi

have been removed from sale

on Amazon after they caused anger in India.

Congratulations, Amazon,you've pissed off

the second largest groupof people in the world.

The only way you could offendmore people

is if you wrote on it naanis just (bleep) pizza.

That's the only wayit would get worse.

Uh, technically, though,

you should only get angryat the right flip-flop,

because that one is Gandhi.

The other one is just an ear.

That could be anybody's ear.

You can't be angry about that.

But this is India's great hero.

Makes you ask the question,

where did these flip-flopscome from, huh?

Pakistani Shark Tank?

Was that like an ideathat they had?

Is that where it came from?

I'm actually glad Amazondid the right thing

and stopped selling the Gandhiflip-flops, you know?

'Cause that meansmy Gandhi flip-flops

are collectors items now.

That's right.Bling, bling, bitch.

Yeah. You know what?

I... (bleep) it, I'm gonna saythis to you, anyway.


No. I-I shouldn't, but I'm gladpeople are wearing flip-flops

with Gandhi's face on them.

Gandhi was sexistand he was racist.

Gandhi was the same person

who blamed womenfor their own rape.

Gandhi lived in South Africafor 20 years.

He called black peoplein South Africa, "Kaffir,"

which is basicallythe "nigger" of South Africa,

so when people are like,oh, Gandhi, Gandhi,

I'm like, yeah, yeah,he did good things,

but that guy was an asshole,was sexist,

-and he was racist as well.-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Trevor, Trevor, Trevor,whoa, whoa, hey.

-No, no, no, no.-Hey, man, no.

-Hasan Minhaj, everyone. -Whyyou gonna hate on Gandhi, man?

-No, no, no, no.-No, no, no.

-How can you hate on Gandhi?-No.

-Dude.-Who does that?

Come on. I mean, even ifwhat you're saying is true,

who does that?

Look, Trevor,Gandhi's a complicated guy.

Sure, he said some racist stuffabout black people in his 20s,

and he had some highlyquestionable attitudes

towards women,but he helped liberate India

from over 300 yearsof colonial rule.

Yeah, but that-that'slike saying,

"Hey, Jerry Sanduskywasn't that bad,

look at all those games he won.

(audience exclaiming)

Heroes are complicated, man,all right?

Look at Nelson Mandela,he cheated on his first wife.

Nelson Mandela was perfect,Hasan!

Get out of here!Get out of here!