David Alan Grier - Reefer

David Alan Grier Season 1, Ep 6 03/24/1998 Views: 890

You always have big plans before you get high. (2:15)

I went away to college,

turned 18.

I went to state school.

It was 45 minutes away.

I thought I was home free.

I was an adult,

do what I want.

I'm staying up till 4:00 a.m.!

College was fun, man,

but I'd never been away from

home, so I really didn't--

and I went to school during

the '70s, man, big afros,

platform shoes, funky music.

[imitating disco music]

It was nice, man.

I couldn't get a date the

entire freshman year, though.

That whole year I spent--

well, they call it stalking now,


I call it getting to know you.

Started smoking reefer

in college.

Oh, I did a lot, 'cause back

then, it was real hyped up.

It's not like it is now,

you know.

Back then, you could smoke

10, 20 joints, and you could

still talk sense.

You know, now it's like--

[inhales sharply]

That's super-duper reefer.

But the thing is, if you got

high, you had to look cool

doing it.

So I was at a party one time.

I was like, "Yo, man, let me get

that joint, man."


[inhales sharply and jaggedly]


[choked coughing]


That was some good stuff.

That [...] damn near killed

me, man.

And you always had big plans

before you get high, don't you?

You're gonna do a bunch of stuff

before you get high, right?

You be like, "First of all,

we're gonna do

all our homework.

[humming happily]

Then we gonna paint the house.

[humming happily]

Then we gonna play some



15 minutes after you finish

that last joint, you're like,

"Yo, blood, you got some more