Red Cross's Poster Controversy

June 28, 2016 - Jaime Camil 06/28/2016 Views: 985

The Red Cross faces accusations of racism over an educational poster about pool safety, and artist Claude De Jean Le Jeuxde Du defends his questionable handiwork. (5:17)

Hey, welcome back.

Well, summer is here,and time to jump into the pool.

But remember kids--safety is no accident.

So the Red Crosswhipped up some tips

to make swim time funin the sun for everyone.

The Red Cross is apologizingtonight after backlash

over what was supposedto be an educational poster.

Take a look. This postermaps out safety guidelines

for children with the terms"cool" and "not cool."

Backlash over an educationalposter about pool safety?


-(laughter) -People...people are so uptight, man.

I... Right?I mean, come on.

How could a safety posterpossibly make people upset?

MAN:Users on social media noticed

that many of the white childrenare labeled "cool,"

meaningthey're following the rules,

while a majorityof the darker-skinned children

are branded "not cool"for being rule breakers.

Folks onlineare calling this racist.

Me, too.What the (bleep), Red Cross!


-(applause and cheering)-What?!

All right, but I am like a mothto racism's flame, so...


I've got to take a closer lookat this.

Can we zoom in on that, Dre?

Okay, let's seewhat we've got here.

Uh, okay, "cool."

All right, white dad playingwith his baby in the water.

"Not cool"-- black girl shovinga white girl into the pool.

Uh, hey, Quaniecefrom the projects,

you leave sweet little Madisonalone, please.

-(laughter)-Uh, okay, what else?

"Cool"-- white girl standingat the diving board.

"Not cool"-- black boydiving off the diving board?

(laughter and groaning)

You know they put diving boardsat pools for diving, right?

What, is he diving too blackly?Good Lord!

Okay, then we've got a...

A "not cool" white boystrolling with a bottle.

Okay, that's fair.The glass could shatter.

Genuinely not cool.Oh, you know.

But you have to admit, that guylooks kind of cool really.

(laughter) -All right.I don't know.

Probably shouldn'tbe bringing beer, okay.

Okay, also "not cool"-- a blackboy being chased by a white boy?

Okay, even if they're bothin trouble for running,

let's keep it 100.

The arrow's closerto the black boy, right?

I'm not making that up, right?Okay.

And creepiest of all,a panicky-looking black boy

with his mouth opengasping for breath?

He's literally going,"I can't breathe!"

It's not coolto say "I can't breathe"?!

-Really?-(applause and cheering)

Oh, my God!

Who wrote that part-- the NYPD?

-(laughter)-All right, too far. All right.

Now the Red Cross pulledthe poster and apologized,

but for more on this,please welcome the artist

who did the poster himself--Claude De Jean Le Jeuxde Du.

(cheers and applause)


Larry, it's pronounced"Jeux Du." My name's Jeux Du.

-Okay, uh, you know, I'll justcall you Claude, okay? -Oh.

So, Claude,what are your thoughts

on people's reactionsto your painting?

I cannot controlthe emotion you feel. And I...

I create the world, huh?

The landscape for the childrento play in. That's it.

I do not tell them to misbehave,these little kids. It's not...

-It's their true nature comesthrough, that's all. -Well...

-That's it.-(laughter)

That sounds pretty racist to me!

What do... what you mean,"true nature"? You drew it!

And besides, I do not seethis thing you call "rahcism."

-(laughter)-I do not see.

Really, you don't see "rahcism"?

-(laughter)-No, of course not! I do not.

Look, if you do not believe me,look at,

-uh, the other paintingsI call... -All right.

...that I make.I make beautiful paint...

I call this one The Thief. Right here. The Thief.

The Thief?

But-but you made the thiefa black guy!

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,no, no, no, no, no, no! -What?

-No, no, no, no, no.-(laughter)

This... this representsthe darkness in all of us, huh?

-Uh... -That's what our our hearts are.

This is the darknessthat motivates one to steal.

-This is not "rahcism."-(laughter)

This is about heartsof darkness.

-No. No, no, no, no.-That's it. No. That's it.

It's pretty clear that'sabout "rahcism," all right?


-Okay, let me show youanother one. -Okay, all right.

I call this one Paris Apartment. Hmm?

Okay. Oh.Oh, that one's kind of nice.

Wait, wait.Hold on a second.

Zoom in on that posterabove the bed.


"Segregation now,segregation forever"?!

So now... so nowyou are blaming me

for the way somebody decorateshis own apartment? Huh?!


I am a painter, Larry.I'm not, uh...

What do...? How do you say,one who decorates interior?

-An interior decorator!-Yes, I am not this person!

-Yes, you are!-I am not this person.

-You created that entire world!-I paint.

Look, so we... you and I willhave to agree to disagree,

okay, that you are wrong.

-That's a French expression.-(laughter)

-It's... sounds betterin French. -All right.

-Look...-Now let me show you one more

-of my paintings, huh?-Okay, fine.

This one is oneof my favorites.

All right. Okay, all right.

This one's actuallypretty reasonable.

-Just-just a bowl of fruit,right? -Mm-hmm.

Okay, what do you call it?

I call it I Do Not Like Black People. Huh?

-What the (bleep)!-(laughter)

-Yes. -What does that even mean?-(applause)

Now in, uh... In retrospect,this one's on me.

-This is my fault. This is...-Yes, that one is on you.

-I knew it. You are "rahcist."-Nah.

-Claude De Jean Le Jeuxde Du,everybody. -Jeux Du! Jeux Du!

-Jeuxde Du. We'll be right back.-(applause and cheering)