Scared Season 1, Ep 7 04/25/2007 Views: 16,653

Eulogio gives Hubble a complete makeover and managers to calm him down before he leaves Crenshaw House. (2:53)

one of the things it saidwas that there was

a suspicion in the BOPthat you were

a virgin and thatwould explain--

P-Puh. Who?Psh, who said that?

(chuckling):They going to get towed.

Ha, nah.

(laughing):A virgin? Man, what?

Okay. Okay.

Who said that? My brother?

KENNY: What is he doing up there?

Del's going to behere any second.

He's been up there an hour.

Okay, guys, guys look,

if Hubble says he was assaulted,

we all say,

it was self-defense, right?

Yeah.Self-defense.All for one.

Now what ifthere's, uh, like

a lie detector testor something?

Okay, lie detector, I'm out.

I'm-I'm not going to batfor you guys on that.

I can respect that.I can respect that.

EULOGIO:Everyone, pleasejoin me in the foyer.

SERENITY:It's about time.

Allow me tointroduce to you...

Mr. Hubble Eubanks.

Uh-uh.No, no, no, no.

He's perfectlydomesticated.

Hubble, do you havesomething to say?

Good afternoon.

Here he comes.

Kenny, your insights

into the human mindare astonishing.

Thank you, Hubble.

Thank you, counselor.

Eulogio, cleanse

exfoliate, moisturize.

EULOGIO:Yes, my boy.




Your angelic face

has left an indeliblemark on my soul.

Oh, that's cool.


I'm not going toconvert to Islam.

But I'll always respectyour convictions.

As-Salamu├║Alaykum, Hubble.


Yes?Take care.


Ah, Serenity.

You're an intoxicating mix

of passion and fury.



you promise me

that you've turned him around.

Del, believe it.

Hubble is cured.

One month off for everyone.


Add a month and aday to this one.

Yeah.All right...

Let's go home, sweetheart.

Bye, Hubble.

Bye, guys.Keep it real,


The deal is off. Okay, off.(laughing)

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