Brody Stevens, Star of Stage and Screen

Nose Business Like Show Business Season 1, Ep 5 12/16/2013 Views: 1,109

Brody decides to focus on his acting career, and he recounts some of the highlights from his film roles. (1:44)

I'm feeling good, thinking aboutcomedy, focusing on acting. Yes!

To see my face on a billboard,if that ever happens.

Or to see my face in magazines.

If the-- these are goodproblems, I would think.

Would I be able to handle it?

Based on what happened to mein the past, because I hada little success.

And I kind of had a littlebit of a meltdown.

But this time you havea support system.

I have a support system...

and I don't want to get too intomy head and go well, am I afraidof success and this and that?

I just kind of want to do it,because I was in The Hangover...

and I didn't second guessmyself.

Hangover 1, Hangover 2,booked 'em, Due Date, yes!

Cut out of Funny People,but I learned from it.

So after we take the mug shots,we bring them on down here...

where they wait to beinterviewed...

by the arresting officers.

Trust me, kids...

you do not want to be sittingon these benches.

We call this place Loserville.

Gentlemen, follow me.Follow me.

Here you go.Here you go.

Good to go.Good to go.

Three lines, three scenes.Yes.

Hangover 1, Hangover 2,Due Date...

I was cut out of Funny People.

And it hurt my feelings.

[BLEEP] you, Judd Apatow, forcutting me out of Funny People.

I would use him again...

in something.

I just can't guarantee it stays in.

I cut my kids outof three movies.

It's not like I have anobligation to--


About what?

Uh, we can lose it.