Jeff & Some Aliens - Silent Night

Crime Steve Investigation Season 2, Ep 11 06/20/2016 Views: 4,898

The aliens enact revenge on the entire human race after Jeff makes a dating decision that they don't agree with. (2:01)

♪ Three aliens came from the sky ♪

♪ The galactic council sent them ♪

all: ♪ And here'sthe reason why ♪

- ♪ Their mission is to study

♪ Earth's most average guy

all: ♪ To see if humansare worth saving ♪

♪ Or if everyonehas to die ♪

- Wait, what?

[crickets chirping]

- And then she bailed on me this weekend!

- She did?

- She's flakier than, like, a piece of baklava.

- [laughs]- Oh, shut up, shut up!

- No way everything she's sayingis that funny!

- But yeah,I'd love to come.

Who are we seeing?

- John Mayer.

- Oh, well, as long aswe're going together.

♪ I want to run throughthe halls of my high school ♪

- All right, that's it!

- [sings]


- Not making any soundout of my mouth!

Okay, I--oh.Oh, my God.

Now there's sound!What's going on?

- This thing's pretty cool, huh?Check it out. Sound--

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Stop doing--- No sound.

[banjo playing]


- Sound.- Come on.

That's not something--- No s--

- Delta five--


- Sound!- You better stop it right now,

or I swear to God,I'm gonna--

stup--[bleep] moron--


[old-timey music]

- God damn it!- Oh, wow!

- This thing right hereis insanely dangerous,

and nobody should everuse it again,

under any circumstances.

- Next up,I'm just gonna noodle and jam

for 15 minutes!

- Whoo!

- And--

[old-timey music]