Everyone for Themselves! Season 4, Ep 8 06/09/2016 Views: 29,934

Amy confronts her gynecologist when it becomes clear that she's uncomfortable saying the word "vagina." (2:19)

Hi there, Amy.

How are you today?Good.

Okay, so I am just gonnagive you a quick breast exam.

Go ahead and lay backand relax.


So, have you had any newsexual partners

since the last time I saw you?

Oh, nnn...

What do youconsider sex?

Penetration or...?

Well, no, there's all kindsof different kinds of sex.

Okay, then, yes, a bunch,but we used a condom.

Their call.Okay, great.

So I'm gonna have youput your feet in the stirrups

and I want you to slide all theway to the end of the table

so that I can take a lookat your pussy.

All the way down.

Like, slide your pussyall the way down

to the end of the table.


When was the last time you werebleeding out of your pussy?

Um, two weeks ago.

Can-- Can you notrefer to it as that?

Oh, I'm sorry.

When were you menstruating out your pussy?

No, the um...

The-- Can you not say...


Oh, yeah, sure, fine.Whatever.

Okay, so I'm gonna taketwo fingers,

I'm gonna put 'emin your hair pie.

I'm gonna feel around, applysome pressure to your ovaries

and check you outfor beav cancer, okay?

Listen...Oh, did I press too hard?

I apologize.

No.Okay, well,everything feels fine,

so now I'm just gonna go aheadand clamp your clam open

and then swab aroundthe inside of your tuna taco

and I'll have youon your way.Yeah, no.

Can you just usethe clinical term for vagina?

I don't-- I don't see what's sohard about just saying vagina.

I don't understand.

Are you referring to yoursausage wallet?

Sausage wallet?You know, your lizard mouth.

Does it really feel normalto you to refer to it this way?

I-- That would be like aproctologist calling a butt a--



Oh, God.I'm sorry.

I think I got some in yoursteaming hot pocket.

I'll get--let me clean that up.