Exclusive - When Was America Great?

July 21, 2016 - Alex Wagner 07/21/2016 Views: 93,854

The Best F#@king News Team searches the Republican National Convention to better understand Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again." (1:58)

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- So when was America last great?

- For me, I would say the turning point for our country

was 1913 when we passedthe 17th amendment.

And what's fascinating--

- So back when like women couldn't vote?

- Yeah, 19th, well but again--

- But that's kinda yoursweet spot right there?

- Absolutely, but 1913...

- What year was America great?

- When it was founded.

- Except for the slavery stuff.

- Except for theslavery stuff, you know?

- I think we were probably our strongest

immediately post World War II.

- So around the 1950s?

- Yeah, mid 40s, 50s.

- I mean, I think the 50s was great other than...

you know, segregation and women's rights.

- We could sit here and paint negative

faces of all times in America.

- Correct.

- It's make America great again.

So when was the last great?

- It's always been great.

- So if it's always been great,

what are we trying to go back to?

- We're not going back,we're going forward.

- Well I guess the 80s were pretty good.

- All right, the 80s.

- Yeah, the 80s, great music, great video games--

- [Roy] Crack cocaine? - Crack cocaine.

- Yeah.

- Well we're always great, the people are great--

- So--

- But so, yeah--

- So America is greatright now, so we did it.

- No, we didn't do it.

- America became great when the founding fathers

put pen on paper in 1776 and decided

to build a country based on laws.

That was greatness.

- That was awesome, other than the slavery obviously.

That was terrible, and the--

- Well, we did have that, yeah,we did have that, slavery.

And the Indian thing, right?

- That was terrible and the women's voting thing.

But other than that, that was awesome.

- A few hiccups along the way, you know.

Like they say, nobody made it to the top

without breaking a few pieces of china.

That wasn't an insult, by the way.

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